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December colors

I believe in doing this exercise every three to six months or so. More often doesn’t tell you anything.

This is from December.

I happened to be in Home Depot today and of course looking at paint chips is a lot more fun than trying to find what I came for (can you tell I’m not a plumber?). Felt tempted to repeat the exercise but decided to be patient and wait a while longer.

I’ve often been cutting edge with color. Although I’m not a fashionista, I wore purple in the mid-60s as soon as it was available. In the 70s I started a craze (or a blight?) in our neighorhood for orange drapes and an orange ceiling. And from 1998 I’ve been involved with hot green.

However, now it is everywhere, and then some, and I think I’m getting tired of it. I never liked avocado green, to me it is icky-looking and drab. I like eating avocado though. I have hot green towels and bath rugs and several tops. In fact some have been well-worn and cycled through to the charity collecting bag.

Logic suggests a smokey blue will be the next color, but maybe it will be orange again. I have a fluorescent orange gel pen that cheers me up. Today at Home Depot I realised people were giving me looks — then realized it is probably the orange/brick red t-shirt I was wearing that implied I might know where they keep the grommets!


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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