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Part I — Can’t believe I never blogged this …

… or perhaps I did on my old yahoo blog and never thought to re-post here.

These fabrics were used as prayer rugs at a family marriage contract. They were carefully chosen by a couple of criteria

(1) absolutely could not have any animals or people in the design

(2) had to have enough yardage to spread out flat on the floor and be a decent size

the fact that the resulting choices are quite international is a very happy coincidence!

The one on the left is stars, just stars, which have a universal significance … at one point this was earmarked for a Blue African quilt — there are yards and yards of this so even with using some on the back of the wedding quilt there will be leftovers.

The ikat on the right is from Laos. It’s too heavy to use in the quilt so I hemmed the ends and presented it to the happy couple (one of whom actually knelt on it at the wedding prayers) as a prayer rug for continued use.

The two in the post below, Japanese and African, will go on the back of the quilt.


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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