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foiled fish

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foiled fish, originally uploaded by wordnerd411.

I realized I was only doing half of the Use What You Have Flickr group commitment, i.e. staying out of bars, er, fabric and craft stores.

But it is half way through the month and I need to actually make some stuff instead of just feeling virtuous that I was able to run into Michael’s the other day to tell the cashier that the silk trees outside had blown over and not break stride but head straight for the exit.

Monday I sat and brainstormed, challenging myself to come up with at least 10 non quilting projects that I could do with the supplies I have on hand. I came up with 20-some. Do I want to do all of them? No, but that was not the point!

And I did this one — now would like to make more but that would mean buying more soapdishes!


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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