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Trading Fabric

Yesterday we went to Sidney and I took the opportunity to unload more of my ancient stash at Fabric Traders — the website is

You get store credit in exchange for what you bring in, good for up to a year. Of course that is like those packets of chocolate cookies that say “Best before July 27, 2012 at 7:54 p.m.” Does anyone ever put it to the test?

I used my whole credit yesterday and these are two of the fabrics I picked. The one on the right has a thin line of gold in the black, which doesn’t show up too well on the scan. BUT if you click for an enlarged image it does show up. I also found a heavy cotton with rattan print, one with a tiny pattern like a parquet floor in soft yellow, blue, and red, and a fat quarter with teddy bears on it.

The bears will be going into a flapbook I’m working on for my grandson. Everything else has a geometric/woven/baskety look to it. This was a huge look in the late 70’s and I think it’s coming back.

And it’s satisfying to think that some of the old, old stuff is gone. Some was conversation prints of the “What was I thinking?” sort, others were calico prints and paisleys. I like paisley but I think I’ve looked at those particular fabrics for too long, and it’s not really in line with what I’m doing now.


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

2 thoughts on “Trading Fabric

  1. Great Ruth.
    I do like Fabric Traders but have not been for a long while. It is fun to trade fabric. I have some in in stash in the what was I thinking category, but more that I know what project I’d do with them….with time….
    Your puppet for your grandson is cute.
    Not sure what a flapbook is, but if you need some kids prints to add, I may have some to offer.

  2. Laura,

    A flapbook is a blank book with die-cut flaps cut into it so you can “hide” pictures behind them. So it’s more of a scrapbooking craft but of course mine also has fabric!

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