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Mandala Musings

This is “Enuff on my plate,” created for the Mavericks Mandala challenge that we did after Nancy Green presented a workshop on mandalas and how to interpret them. It was one of the first pieces I exhibited, in 2007.

Although it’s 25″ square, it’s really a journal quilt because my whole family is in it. Perhaps the class I’m about to take at will enable me to make works on a smaller scale.

Yesterday I was reading Katie Pasquini’s 1983 book Mandala for contemporary quilt designs and other mediums. What struck me was how she created beautiful vibrant pieces, yet individually many of those fabrics would be the ones left over after a quilt guild garage sale! Not “uglies” per se, just boring calicoes.

Today we have so many amazing fabrics in glorious colours that were unthought of even 25 years ago. Yet the curious thing is that many art quilters make very little use of commercial fabrics. Curious, isn’t it?

PROGRESS REPORT: Did 27 hours of work last week.


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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