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Why I moved, et cetera

For some time I have been admiring other people’s blogs which had bells and whistles not available on blogspot.  Participating as an author in a class blog set up by Quinn McDonald and seeing a few of the WordPress features convinced me to get with the program.

Although all the old posts from Chameleon’s Nest are here I’m still in the process of copying over the blogs for the blogroll and making sure the links are live.  It’s tedious so bear with me.

Once that’s done I plan to investigate more of the gizmos and further enhance the experience.

On a personal level, I chose the name Text/Isle to reflect my identity as a writer/editor/fibre artist now living on Vancouver Island.  For a while there was some personal uncertainty as to whether I would be able to stay, but those red tape hassles have been settled now.  Also I have resolved to be less self-effacing and chameleon-like and be more open with people, so that’s another reason for the name change.

The grandparent I most resemble, my paternal grandmother, was remembered for being a person who could go anywhere and fit right in.  I take pride in that, but at the same time I’m starting to see that this is a virtue that can be overdone and that being too closed in can make others feel insecure.

Of course it’s just TOO IRONIC that I bought that chameleon at Kitambaa!  He’ll be put to good use somewhere or other no doubt …

calmer chameleon0001


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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