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Works like a charm …

This is a handy technique for finding things you’ve misplaced.

Make a decorative page and post it prominently in your work space.  When something goes missing and you can’t find it, write it on the list.  When you find it, check it off.  When the list is too long and messy looking congratulate yourself on all the things you found and start a new one.

My old list had 16 items on it, and all but three of them showed up.  Two are on the list below and one I believe is no longer in the house.

For it to work, you have to at least look for the item before writing it on the list.  And it has to be something you care about.  For instance I could have sworn there were two boxes of baking soda for cleaning but these are easily replaced so it’s not worth expending any mental energy on them!

find stuff0001


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