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Announcement ~ Open Studio Coming Up!

I was inspired by visiting Quilting Arts Virtual Studios Tour to challenge myself to also open my studio to the blogosphere.  Several participants said the tour forced them to tidy up and get more organized, and that has to be a Good Thing, right?

So, no pix as yet, but stay tuned for Saturday, October 24 when All Will Be Revealed.  Also a small giveaway will start at the same time to add to the fun.

Hmmm, now it’s announced I better set to and tidy up.  Also I have peel and stick monkeys on the outside of the door, which have become invisible to me, but recent dinner guests thought that it was the bathroom door, LOL!

Last week worked for 34 hours but a lot of it was editing rather than art or fibre, to the point where I almost felt poisoned with increasingly dramatic nightmares.  But I worked on the baby quilt challenge on Friday and did deconstructed screen printing with Susan Purney Mark on Saturday and that has started to redress the balance somewhat.


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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