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Fall Quilt Festival

I’m excited to be part of the Fall Quilt Festival along with so far 128 other quilters from all over. Grab a coffee and click here to start surfing!  A big shout out to Park City Girl for hosting this, and one to Marcy Horswill for alerting the FAN membership to this opportunity!

My Giveaway

As part of the Fall Festival fun, I’m doing a modest giveaway from my stash, i.e. two fat quarters and an extra little surprise.  Post a comment with your name (duh!) and colour choice from red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black/white.

On Thursday, October 15 I will conduct a random drawing from everyone who commented and we’ll take it from there.

Trace Elements

trace elements final

I worked on this piece Trace Elements this winter.  Had fun playing with various translucent and sheer fabrics and making ExtravOrganza text ribbons.  And although my scientific background itself is translucent, nothing after 9th grade (but I’ll save that rant for a posting on homeschooling, so for today, dear reader, you’re spared!)  I discovered an alternative and much more organic looking periodic table of the elements developed by Theodore Benfey, which is the shape that looks a bit like a mitten.

The theme is thoughts on the trace elements found in real food (as opposed to supplements and over-processed foodstuffs), hence the food pyramid and the stop lights, which remind us to eat a variety of deep-coloured fruit and veggies.

At 24 by 36 inches, this piece is on the large side.  In any creative endeavour I have a tendency to expand/expatiate/write long/draw large/include more details.

Do you notice that in your own work, either a tendency to expansion, large size or contraction, small delicate miniatures, haiku, petit point?  I’m interested to hear, so please comment!


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

23 thoughts on “Fall Quilt Festival

  1. Most of my work is on the larger side. In fact I worry when I start something small, since I don’t know where it will go in my house without being swallowed up by our high 14ft ceilings. I rarely do wall hangings, unless I really love them, but then… see above!! Are you keeping the Trace Elements piece for yourself, exhibition or..?
    Colours, soft ethereal blue or deep red 🙂

  2. Interesting quilts, and questions. You remind me of my sister, who loves to gather information! Getting caught up in the details has derailed my quilting from time to time, but overall I am a traditional quilter and order and pattern attract me. I’d love to be entered in your drawing. I like green! Thanks for sharing your quilt’s story.

  3. i really like your quilt.
    i have problems doing straight lines and following patterns etc ( actually don’t much like doing that because for me it takes the fun out of it somewhat) so am inspired by your quilt.
    thanks for posting it.
    oh and i like blue or yellow:-)

  4. Interesting quilt. LIke they say ” every quilt tells a story”. I love greens and pinks…oh who am i kidding I am not partial to any colour! thanks for the chance to win!

  5. HI! Thanks for visiting poppyprintcreates and commenting on my quilt festival post! Your trace elements is so interesting. I think I need some up close photos to see what’s going on there with the construction. I always find the small work a challenge and have been trying to do some postcards on Timtex to train myself to compose in a small frame.

    We did make it to the island via Horseshoe Bay…we got on the 8:30 with no reservation by leaving N.Van at 6:50 am and enjoyed a lovely drive down the Malahat with a stop in Cowichan Bay for delicious baking and cheese. Getting home tomorrow may be another story….

    Thanks for the chance in the giveaway – I’ll have to go with red! Cheers!

  6. nice quilt, very creative! In response to your question, I tend to find myself working smaller and smaller until it gets too frustrating, and then I start working larger and then work my way down again. Since all of my work is hand pieced and hand quilted I do try to keep things at a manageable and portable size.

  7. Cool project! It could be interpreted in so many different ways, which I like. I’m not so good at improv, but I look at patterns as a starting point for inspiration. Then I’m off in my own direction. I am usually more drawn to smaller projects with contrasts. Oh yeah, I could use some green. Thanks!

    1. Penny, That’s the nicest thing anyone has said all day! Of course it’s morning here and much of the day is left. Seriously though, it’s great to get validation. Thank you!

  8. Such an interesting quilt! Thanks for sharing it and posing some thought provoking queries. I tend to work on whatever I like. I don’t follow any one path. I’ve made large quilts, miniatures and LOTS of things in between. Whatever suits the need, fits the bill, or is ‘just right’ at the moment works for me! Enjoy your Holidays! ; )

    1. Pam, thank you for your comments, and happy holidays to you too!
      It’s nice that the Fall Quilt Festival still has legs and that people are able to take a sanity break and surf around it, even at this busy time of year.
      Part of my focus on size in my own work is admitting to myself that because I’m not super confident of my technical abilities, I tend to go large rather than paint myself into a corner with something too tiny and fiddly. However I have finished a couple of very small pieces made to experiment with various techniques so I guess those can count as small works.
      My goal for the next little while is to complete some unfinished objects, one of which is my largest yet, and if there’s a spring quilt festival will likely be my showcase piece, so stay tuned!

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