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Reading List

This is probably of more interest to me than anyone else, but I need a place to keep track of

books I want to read

  • Jan Potocki, The Manuscript Found at Saragossa / The Saragossa Manuscript (see Wikipedia)
  • Alex Carr, The Prince of Bagram Prison
  • Daniel Goleman, Ecological Intelligence
  • Philip Kerr, Berlin Noir trilogy:  A Philosophical Investigation, Gridiron, The Shot  Children of the Lamp series: everything from Book 3 on!
  • Ella Minnow Pea, by Mark Dunn READ over the holidays
  • Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth, by Rayna Gillman, # 1722 in our Quilt Guild library.  Borrowed it in late December and now with the move I don’t have time to read it properly, and I want to return all borrowed items before the move (even though it’s local)
  • Domino Knitting, by Vivian Hoxbro, in Central Library 746.4320432
  • Beautiful Beaded & Embroidered Fabric, by Cindy Gorder, in Central Library 746.5
  • Essential William Morris, by Iain Zaczek, in Central Library, 745.4492
  • The Shadow in the North, The Tiger in the Well, The Tin Princess, in the Sally Lockhart series, and Lyra’s Oxford, all by Philip Pullman
  • Mysteries by Lynne Hamilton
  • Ruby Dice, followed by Catch the Lightning, by Catherine Asaro (in that order, have placed holds on the the three preceding books in the series)

movies to watch

  • The Imam and the Pastor
  • The Arrangement
  • Real Men Knit


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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