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Image recaptured!

Well, we recovered the “lost” quilt photo by taking the memory card out, and here is the finished quilt.

The challenge fabric is the black with the multicoloured stars.  You can see it in the two biggest black stars that are not purple.

It was interesting to see what other Guild members had done — one made the challenge fabric into prairie points and put them in the middle of the quilt, i.e. sewn between the seams rather than the usual putting them around the edge.  Another person used skinny strips as an accent.

My grandson’s favourite quilt had dinosaurs appliqued onto it.  He kept returning to look at it.

The next project I am focusing on finishing is Geode, which is almost but not quite 60 inches square.  The top is pieced and this aft I started piecing the backing, which is also cool in a minimalist way.  Will post front and back pix when ready.

The plan is to spring for quilting rather than trying to do this one myself.  I feel that’s my best chance to do something this size that I can feel comfortable having on display.  Although I want to get this completed, there is no mad rush to have it quilted, which makes me popular with the quilter at this crazy time of year!


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2 thoughts on “Image recaptured!

    1. Hi Kelle,

      Gwen Marston’s classic

        Liberated Quiltmaking

      has been out of print for several years and copies now sell for waaay more than the original price. Her new book is about to come out,

        Liberated Quiltmaking II

      and can be ordered here.

      The other books to look for are the two she wrote with Freddy Moran,

        Collaborative Quiltmaking

      , and

        Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again

      . The baby quilt in the photo is made from the first book, Collaborative Quiltmaking. However, the book does not have step by step “cut 163 pink triangles” type of directions. I read the book, read the photos, and decided my blocks would be finished to 9″, 4-1/2″, and 6″, then used strips from my two background fabrics to make them fit together. At the end there were a number of blocks left over so at some point I plan to make a doll quilt to use them up.

      Good look and let’s see how you do! Do you have a blog yourself, Kelle?

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