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Theme Thursday

The Emperor and Empress of Japan were in Victoria recently, which was generally exciting and caused a lot of media attention.  The Empress studied tanka poetry under a master writer before her marriage and has written critically acclaimed tankas.

I looked up Japanese poetry on Wikipedia, and from there found this link to  rengas written in English – a fascinating group artform.  Maybe we could write our own hypertext, who knows?  I’m still reading Riding White Roads.

For a fascinating YouTube video of hundreds of mandalas, click here.

And for fabriholics, go to Spoonflower.  This is an awesome service that lets you print fabric of your own design and order yardage.  At least one textile designer whose interview appears on the webpage had yardage printed there and used it for a portfolio that she shopped around to fabric companies.  She now has a fabric collection in production!

Last night I stayed up into the wee small hours just playing around with some of my jpg images (nothing whose copyright belongs to someone else, of course!).  The colour editing was educational because particularly with photos you can’t always tell what colours are really there.  But don’t take my word for it, go play!  Oh, the possibilities are just endless!

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Improved T-Shirt

No doubt if I were to design fabric, some of it would look much like this.

A simple concept, bright colours, and a little tasteful embellishment. This much-loved T was shedding seed beads here and there, so I’ve added a few flower beads in matching colours. These came from Eileen Neill, who was at the Westshore Symphony of Quilts last week, and was one of the stores people recommended going to!

The neat thing about this style is that I can add more beads on as the whim takes me, yet it is still wearable no matter where I leave off. Given my challenges with finishing projects, that’s a Good Thing (as Martha would say).

The T was bought at Steinmart (a store I really miss!) and came with extra seed beads in a little baggie. I might dig them out since the flower beads are red, yellow, and blue, but not green.

Eileen also sold me some really cool black and gold sequins. I will have to think of something to put them on.