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Everything in the Garden

A wall hanging work in progress using fusible web (YAY for Steam-A-Seam 2!), assorted commercial fabrics, and Fabrico marker for the faces on the masks.

When in Thailand in Chiang Mai, I ventured out alone to the market area where the fabric shops are and that’s where I found the hibiscus print. The blue body is a lightning design — it works even better than I thought it would. The blue head is from a tiny scrap of commercial fabric. The rest of it doesn’t look like faces, just abstract marks, but every time I looked at the bit I used here, I could only see a face.

One figure is frozen, static, unchanging, the other is alive and amazing transformations are taking place within her. Yet both hold the same mask ready to use.

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Force Field

Force Field is my second contribution to the challenge. It’s fused applique, regular applique, and acrylic paint on fusible web.
The symbolism is an exploration in progress — EIP
Doesn’t that sound better than work in Progress!
The wedjet eye is a symbol that has been with me for years. Before we moved across the continent from central Canada to the SW US I had an image of a wedjet carved into a wooden picnic table that came to me while I was having acupuncture treatment.
The dots and bright colors remind me of Mexican folk art. I usually stay away from natural/neutral tones but this batik is so beautiful that I bought a pack of fat quarters last time I was at JoAnne’s.
Up to now I have not used human figures much in my art — I sense this may change. The force field around the main figure resembles a Picasso-style head in profile, this was unintended but I could see it even before I fused the paint onto the fabric.