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Progress Today on Shy Beast

The top photo shows the beginning of the layout for Shy Beast.

The lower photo shows its current state, with a strip of leafy treetops sewn across the top and a short tree in the foreground. So far everything in the piece was produced in one marbling session, which is one way to have a coordinated palette.

The piece is up on my wall right now so I can mull it over and wait for the marker lines to disappear. Had I stopped to think about it, all that marker was not really needed.

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Fingers Crossed!

This is Enuff on my Plate, my response to the mandala challenge the Mavericks had. I’ve entered it in a juried art show at the Coast Collective. The theme of the show is Memory, Family, History, and this piece fits all three, so we’ll see.

It’s the first time I’ve entered a juried art show so who knows what will happen. I won’t know until April 19th. I’m aware that my pieces are one-offs and distinctive looking, so it very much depends what the jury is looking for. It was exhibited already in Phoenix in 2007 in the Mavericks show.

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Journal Quilt

This is my first journal quilt that approximates the smaller size for these pieces. It was made as the first exercise in Lily Kerns’ Quilt University class on Journal Quilts.

I was trying to express the idea of inner space and outer space by using some of the same elements inside and outside the head.

Space IS the final frontier, and that includes the space inside of us!

The white dots are cut from a home-made brocade skirt I found at a thrift store. Both front and back of the fabric are showing as I fused the right side of some and the wrong side of others.

Other materials/techniques are broderie anglaise, metallic fabric and yarn couched using Super Solvy.


Perhaps because of the helpful telephone coaching I received from Quinn McDonald last week, perhaps because I was out and about interacting more with people than I had for a while, perhaps because the class started and I was looking forward to it, but last week I clocked in an impressive 43 hours and 15 minutes of work, both the bread and butter kind and the fun and creative kind!

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Force Field

Force Field is my second contribution to the challenge. It’s fused applique, regular applique, and acrylic paint on fusible web.
The symbolism is an exploration in progress — EIP
Doesn’t that sound better than work in Progress!
The wedjet eye is a symbol that has been with me for years. Before we moved across the continent from central Canada to the SW US I had an image of a wedjet carved into a wooden picnic table that came to me while I was having acupuncture treatment.
The dots and bright colors remind me of Mexican folk art. I usually stay away from natural/neutral tones but this batik is so beautiful that I bought a pack of fat quarters last time I was at JoAnne’s.
Up to now I have not used human figures much in my art — I sense this may change. The force field around the main figure resembles a Picasso-style head in profile, this was unintended but I could see it even before I fused the paint onto the fabric.