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The signs are out there …

This is to remind folks when to empty the dishwasher.   I’ve tried with the magnets that say “Clean” on one side and “Dirty” upside down so you are supposed to twist them around, but it’s easier to slap this on whenever we run the dishwasher.  It’s recyclable because it’s just on heavy sketchbook paper with a loop of masking tape to hold it on.  When not on active duty it lives on the whiteboard nearby.  And when we need a change of appearance, it’s quickly replaced.



Are you ever gobsmacked by synchronicity?  The other day I was browsing through an old copy of Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home (the only magazine for quilters that’s fun to read) when I found an article entitled A GPS for Quilting Creativity.  This is the March 2009 issue.  The wild thing is that I already did this exercise, although I have totally no recollection of having read this article.

Digging through older sketchbooks, I located the pages I’d created, and have now cut them into another sketchbook and personalized the cover.   That way this tool won’t disappear again and will be handy as I want to add to the pages.  For now I’m going to share K. & this is Y: (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!)

Last week I watched a documentary “Real Men Knit” which of course had interviews with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably.  I’m deep in the throes of domino knitting, and the other K is I’ve signed up to take Elizabeth Barton’s Quilt University design class and the artist to whom I look for inspiration is Paul Klee.  (Note to self:  do the prep work before the book is due back to the library and the class starts!)






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A banner day


It took just a couple of hours to create this fun banner, which is about 18 feet long and not shown in its entirety here.  I worked off this tutorial, with some variations of my own.  For example as you can see I didn’t cut any fancy flower shapes.  In fact in the end I didn’t use templates at all but folded the fabric over so as I cut it the two sides were the same size and in one piece.  Although the Purl Bee lady suggests taking your time about cutting out, I knew if I did that I would be very challenged to keep all the separate components sorted, so that was one reason to keep the pennants folded over in one piece.

To have an idea of how much I was making, I set the cut pennants out on my dining room table in rows sorted by colour.  Then I knew that each row was close to five feet long.  Of course when I was sewing, I was choosing pennants from different colours to put together.

Muslims have fewer festivals so it’s especially important to decorate when they come — this will be coming out for years to come I hope!

By the way, the green line on the wall in the background has nothing to do with the banner.   My portable design wall was under construction at the time and that line was low tack tape intended to ensure the hooks would be level, but I hadn’t yet picked up the detachable hooks when I hung the banner.

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Theme Thursday ~ Moving Day

For some reason, a number of the cool links I’ve noted over the past week are moving or changing.   So these are duly noted.

Laurence Martin is a fibre artist living in Saskatchewan whose works reflect her (yes, Laurence is a unisex name in France) childhood in Morocco.  I’ve admired her work for years and am sorry that she is currently facing major health challenges.

Sewq is moving (mentioned last Thursday).  Once I know where she’s going I will repost.

To see an example of what Wordle does, click here. This can lead to cool journaling for those who just like to jot down a bunch of words and thoughts.  Plus you can play with other people’s words too.  The Wordle website can be reached from the link and has some striking examples.

And another great spot for playing around is at the Behr Virtual Home Color Center, where you can try out wild colour schemes with the click of a mouse.

Here’s my current concept of a lovely living room, and you gotta love the names they give the colours:  rose sorbet, sweet vanilla, and Carolina parakeet.  Mmm, I’m hungry, I could really go for a parakeet right about now (tastes like chicken!).living room0001

The same software is also at the Home Depot paint department. I love mooching around there helping myself to paint chips; the program enables that because a person using it looks more like someone who is about to order large quantities of paint than a person who is pocketing all the cool metallic paint chips for collaging!