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Fibre Arts Festival Coming Up!


Fibrations is a new fibre arts festival in Victoria, BC, Canada

Sunday August 21 from 10 to 4

at St. Ann’s Academy orchard, 835 Humboldt St

FREE admission

their site is

The demonstrations will include Tunisian crochet, knitting with wire, weaving, making yarn from fabric, and Saori weaving, which sounds intriguing, because it’s somehow free form.

Cathy Miller the Singing Quilter will be performing along with others.

This festival was initiated by the owners of Knotty By Nature, who have gathered an organizing group to get this rolling.  They must live near us, because their bicycle is always parked by the hedge.  Isn’t this the coolest outsider art?


My giveaway of Quinn McDonald’s Raw Art Journaling book will close at 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday morning.  Weird time, you say?  Well, yeah, but it’s midnight on the West Coast, giving local folks an extra chance to get in the fun.  When I get up on Thursday morning, Young Sprout and I will be randomly pulling a name from the hat.


To join in: go to the previous post and leave a comment.  I’ll be in touch with the winner to get their snail mail address.

Go for it!


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The signs are out there …

This is to remind folks when to empty the dishwasher.   I’ve tried with the magnets that say “Clean” on one side and “Dirty” upside down so you are supposed to twist them around, but it’s easier to slap this on whenever we run the dishwasher.  It’s recyclable because it’s just on heavy sketchbook paper with a loop of masking tape to hold it on.  When not on active duty it lives on the whiteboard nearby.  And when we need a change of appearance, it’s quickly replaced.



Are you ever gobsmacked by synchronicity?  The other day I was browsing through an old copy of Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home (the only magazine for quilters that’s fun to read) when I found an article entitled A GPS for Quilting Creativity.  This is the March 2009 issue.  The wild thing is that I already did this exercise, although I have totally no recollection of having read this article.

Digging through older sketchbooks, I located the pages I’d created, and have now cut them into another sketchbook and personalized the cover.   That way this tool won’t disappear again and will be handy as I want to add to the pages.  For now I’m going to share K. & this is Y: (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!)

Last week I watched a documentary “Real Men Knit” which of course had interviews with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably.  I’m deep in the throes of domino knitting, and the other K is I’ve signed up to take Elizabeth Barton’s Quilt University design class and the artist to whom I look for inspiration is Paul Klee.  (Note to self:  do the prep work before the book is due back to the library and the class starts!)






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Mixed bag

A family member found Iri5 on flickr and I have been oohing and aahing over her work …


meanwhile my own resolution to draw something in ink every day has been a challenge I have not lived up to.


Domino knitting is intriguing and I have a design in mind which I think is original — but it is definitely Kaffe Fasset inspired and I’ve read all his books, both knitting and quilting, so it’s quite possibly in one of his books already.  Will post scans of my work so far but am not quite ready yet.



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I’m not particularly enamoured of yesterday’s effort but in the spirit of keeping going with the challenge and not missing any more days I am posting it regardless.  Long story short, found myself downtown without ink (since I was going to a knitting class) and also without a pigma, so I was down to green ballpoint (crashing sound as art teachers everywhere faint!).  So I just drew round my hand and put in a pattern of dots like mehndi.


Hopefully I’ll do better today.