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Weird, funny

This is a page from my gluebook, done yesterday! The map is a genuine result from Yahoo maps which I think was trying to tell me something about venturing into the wilds of north Scottsdale. It comes complete with the little caveat about doing a reality check and making sure the road is still there. I knew it was a good idea to save that page — certainly a better idea than using it to navigate.
Maps fascinate me and I’m working on a larger mixed media spread with maps which will have to be photographed since it’s too big for the scanner.
Today I worked on the 1+1+1 challenge. That needs a few finishing touches and to be photographed also.
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Distrust Straight Borders!

This is an imaginary colonized continent whose rulers have been busy ruling by drawing straight lines with no understanding of what is on the ground, where the rivers run, which groups live where, whether travel is possible. Maps with too many straight lines should not be trusted; those who ruled the lines are imposing themselves on the land.