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This week I’m in the Valley of the Sun, a.k.a. metro Phoenix area, tying up loose ends from before my move, seeing friends (which is GREAT!) and revisting old stomping grounds.

It’s weird to be driving again. 

Won’t be posting any pix until after my return, because I didn’t bring the camera cable or charger.  In fact I really packed lightly this time, remembering all the junk I’ve toted along on previous trips that just had to be carried, thought about, repacked, etc. 

If I could have one extra thing with me it would be one of my art quilts, probably the curvatures one, since that is the most original, for Show and Tell at the Mavericks tomorrow.  Well, I will just have to be content with telling!

Productivity:  25 hours last week — it’s amazing how even when packing lightly how much time is eaten up with organizing for a trip of any length.