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Test Piece for Latest Toy

The latest toy is the flower foot I bought at the Victoria sewing show. It has a ratchet on it that lets you sew flowers in a perfect circle using any zigzag stitch on your machine.

These flowers were sewn using rayon embroidery thread in one of my favourite colours, onto the sheer fabric I posted about earlier. The fabric was stabilized with newspaper. If you click on the image you can see much more detail. The scan doesn’t really do it justice.

After removing the stablizer, I cut carefully around the motif and then fused it to commercial cotton background with Bo-Nash powder glue. This may become a tiny wall hanging, but if so it will be a byproduct of Shy Beast, because I want to put flowers on that piece too and I needed to test Bo-Nash first.

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Progress Today on Shy Beast

The top photo shows the beginning of the layout for Shy Beast.

The lower photo shows its current state, with a strip of leafy treetops sewn across the top and a short tree in the foreground. So far everything in the piece was produced in one marbling session, which is one way to have a coordinated palette.

The piece is up on my wall right now so I can mull it over and wait for the marker lines to disappear. Had I stopped to think about it, all that marker was not really needed.

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Starting a New Piece

The provisional working title for this is Shy Beast, he is on the pale blue background. All of these fabrics were created in one session using the marbling technique taught by Susan Purney Mark. Have been mulling ideas over for a while and had him up on my wall so I could think about what needs to happen. Even pressing the fabrics to start auditioning and scanning helped me come up with more ideas of how to do this piece, which I want to keep to fairly small dimensions. Although the beast is 12 by 7 inches and there has to be significant surroundings or he won’t look shy!

I have auditioned other fabric, both my own altered/hand dyed and some commercial, but at this point I feel the fabrics shown here are going to be the main parts. Plus scanning is time consuming and less fun than designing!