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Tote bag finished

Well, here is the little tote bag I was experimenting with.  It is variegated through and through to the point that I used Valdani thread in Graffiti for the topstitching around the top of the bag.  Valdani is one of my indulgences, every time I go to Satin Moon I gravitate to the display and drool, then figure that if I didn’t spend the money on thread I would blow it on chocolate!

This is the perfect size for wooden blocks, which came packaged in an environmentally friendly box that they exactly fit into if put in in the right order.  At bedtime when there’s a tidal pool of toy bits all over the floor and no one has the energy or patience, a bag is something that anyone, ANYONE! can put blocks into.

Having made one I can certainly see making more and experimenting.  And I’m further cannibalizing the assembled scrap fabric to replace a tired old cushion cover, just have to put a piece together that’s 20 by 45, and find something large and boring for the lining, and I’ll be off to the races!

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You’d never know this has anything to do with Lutradur!

but it does.


Lutradur is a non woven synthetic material that can be warped or distressed with heat, painted, almost anything goes.

At this point I’m most interested in exploring the translucency of Lutradur.  Laine Canivet whom I know through FAD, is teaching a Lutradur class for the Quilt Guild at the retreat next summer and asked volunteers to make inspirational projects.  My first was a bowl, which Laine now has.  Then my thoughts went in another direction and my current project is to make a tote bag from Lutradur.


Although I’ve had the Total Tote Bag Book (Joyce Aiken and Jean Ray Laury, published in 1977) for ages, I have to confess this is the first time I’ve actually set out to make a tote bag from it.  I measured the Lutradur I have on hand.  Use what you have is becoming my new mantra, as you can see.  Based on the supply of Lutradur I did the math and decided it would be a good idea to make a “muslin” out of fabric to be sure the directions made sense and the measurements added up.  I found a practical piece of fabric from my stash of suitable size, then decided to use some of the assembled fabric I’ve been making in odd moments using up scraps and smaller pieces from my stash.  The intent is to make a bed quilt but if I keep on cannibalizing it it may be like Penelope’s weaving in the Odyssey!

Feeling that with all the seams it would be a good idea to line this, I used the fabric I’d chosen from my stash to make that.  Then I thought since I’m doing this, it would be good practice to make handles (although the plan for the Lutradur tote will have different handles).  Back to the stash, and more math because I figured 18 inch handles were too long for a boxy, undersized tote.


So now I’m at the point of assembly, some hand sewing is required.  One reason not to make a tote bag is the proliferation of totes we’ve acquired from various conferences, events, grocery stores, etc.  But this one now has a purpose in life, it’s destined to hold wooden blocks.


And here’s an inspiring photo of pomegranates!  The colour is so beautiful but when I tried using the arils with salt and vinegar to dye cotton I got a feeble mushroomy pink-brown colour.