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1 + 1 + 1

Read about Kal Barteski’s 1 + 1 + 1 challenge in her own words here:

I have actually got on and done this. Of course, looking back at her blog I started second guessing myself — I’m actually quite pleased with the art part, but I don’t think I’ve done a terribly good job of visualizing my future. But then OTOH I realized today that if I keep revising and revisiting a year, a month, and a day could go by and I’d still be tinkering!

So my letter is sealed up inside the artwork. It’s wearable art, which means it’s NOT wearable, or at least not washable until July 3, 2008, because of the letter. And it’s almost like one of my morning pages, I started jotting thoughts yesterday, was interrupted, and from yesterday to today various things happened which could possibly affect my future. Life as a recycled teenager can be exhausting!